/ Comfortable environment nestled in the heart of the bustling city

Located at the Qianjin District, the heart of downtown Kaohsiung and overlooking the Love River, the hotel offers exceptional transport and living convenience, allowing our guests to kick back and relax in the comfortable, tranquil oasis nestled in the bustling city center. On the outside, the 14-story building emanates a regal, poised demeanor, providing exquisite, luxurious accommodation space. Kaohsiung’s most prominent scenic destination – the Love River – is just a stone’s throw away from the hotel. In addition, KMRT City Council Station Exit No. 2 is nearby, offering convenient transport, allowing you to explore Greater Kaohsiung at your own leisurely pace. Other destinations reachable from the hotel by car include Pier-2 Art Center (7 min.), main station (9 min.), Kaohsiung International Airport (20 min.) and THSR Zuoying Station (20 min.).


/ Relax and take in the breathtaking view of the Love River

Room sizes range from approximately 26 to 50m2. All rooms feature excellent lighting, bathtub, bidet toilet, and 50-inch LCD TV, creating a cozy ambiance for you, your friends and your family to unwind, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Each room is equipped with outside facing windows, and the pleasant, bright interior with a commanding view of the Love River is popular among men and women of all ages and as well as the children.


/ Gourmet feat – Tantalizing the most discerning palates

Italian style breakfast is served in the restaurant, and the warm color of the red brick wall creates an aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing environment. The diverse menu includes Chinese/western buffet, salad, fruits, hot/cold dishes, and hot/cold beverages.


/ Premier family hotel in Kaohsiung

Inside the Family Play Room (approx. 330m2), the warm colors and spacious facilities allow parents and their children to enjoy the most cutting-edge, safe, and entertaining amusement rides including VR experience, electric race cars, children’s favorite LEGO toys, ball pit, interesting pegboards, rock climbing wall and playhouse.


/ Comprehensive fitness equipment

The hotel’s comprehensive fitness equipment enables you to work out during your stay!